Tips to Make Car Buying Easier


Buying a new car is a big deal – it has a huge impact on our daily lives. That could be why it scares us so much. We’re all terrified that we’ll say the wrong thing, or get flustered by the details in the car’s specifications. If this sounds like you, then fear not! We’ve prepared some handy tips to make car buying a breeze from Mathews Hargreaves.

1 Buy through a dealership

You may think that a dealership will dazzle you with sales patter, but in fact it’s the best place to get all the information presented clearly, and to see what’s on offer within your price range. You can let the dealership do some of the legwork by telling them what you want and letting them present you with suitable options. What’s more, if you’re thinking of buying a used car, then the ones at the dealership are much more likely to be kosher – certified pre-used with good information and service history.

2. Read up before you buy

One of the things that gets us into a flap when buying is not knowing about the cars on offer. You may know you want brand of car you want to buy, but do you want the standard trim, or the sports trim? What engine size will suit your needs? Do you need additional extras? If you haven’t read up on what the seller offers, then you’re going to find it hard to wade through it all while trying to focus clearly on what you want.

3. Calculate a budget conservatively and stick to it

Go through your financials and work out in advance exactly how much you can afford to spend on a car. Doing this will narrow down your options and mean you have less information to read through, and a clearer path to getting the right vehicle for you. Do your numbers conservatively to avoid any pitfalls along the way, don’t assume everything will always be “the best of times.”

4. Shop around

It’s always worth visiting more than one place before you make a final choice. Yes, it adds a step to the process, but it answers questions in your mind and will stop you having the nagging feeling in the future that you might have been able to do better if only you’d looked around a bit more.

5. Take a Test Drive

One of the most burning issues in people’s minds is “what if the car I like looks great on the lot, but is no good for me on the road?” This is where the test drive comes in. Always, always, test drive any car you’re seriously considering purchasing. Furthermore, don’t just drive around the block, take it out into different road conditions if possible, try it at an intersection, on the freeway, in poor weather. This will give you a better picture of how suitable it is for you.

Follow our steps and you’re sure to make buying a car less of an ordeal.

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