Tips on Choosing the Best Family Car


Having a family means having multiple individuals with different personalities and needs all under the same roof. It’s no longer enough to just choose the car that Dad likes the look of, or that Mom thinks is the best value. We need a combination of factors when choosing the ideal family car. We’ve prepared a handy guide from Cars On Market to help you navigate your many choices by prioritizing the most important features.

Safety First

There are car safety features that an individual driver alone may not need but that come in very handy for the family unit. For example, Dynamic Stability Control; computerized technology that increases stability by automatically sensing a car’s loss of traction. The system can help avoid skids and slides by braking one or more wheels independently to stabilize your movement. Other great features include rearview cameras, side-curtain airbags, lane-departure warning, ABS antilock brakes and OnStar. Look out for these items in your prospective car’s specifications, which should be clearly listed with the sticker price at any reputable dealership.


Another prime consideration is usage of space. You may have one young child now, but in a year or two, who knows, right? Having a good-size family car that you can grow into is a better investment than getting a car for the here and now. What’s more, you should consider storage space for luggage, as well as whether you’ll need roof space for a bike rack or other outdoors equipment. Some minivans, for example, come with multiple seat arrangement options where you can shift and optimize space as you need it. It’ll mean you can also keep fight-prone kids separated and calm.

Distance Range

Are you a family that takes road trips or frequent day trips out of the city? If you are, then you’ll need to think about how good the car is over both short and long distances. You’ll want good gas mileage (for the economic as well as environmental benefits) and sturdy, reliable hardware that won’t easily break down or go wrong when you’re in the middle of nowhere miles from the nearest shop or gas station.

Don’t Get Sentimental

We already advised you to plan ahead, but still things can surprise you. If you are attached to a particular car, because it was your first one, or because it holds some special memories of family vacations, then you can make more problems for yourself. Don’t let your heart rule your head. The family car is a practical machine of utility. It’s not a member of your family! Buy smart and focus on your real needs.

Follow these steps and you are sure to end up with the perfect family car to suit your situation.

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