The Benefits of Window Tinting

tinted window

You might have thought that tinted windows were only for limousines and fancy town cars. Well, you’re wrong. It’s now easier than ever to get this added benefit to your vehicle, whatever its size. What’s more, beyond looking the part, window film will bring many other advantages that make it worth the cost. Let’s look at those benefits. Here are a few from Alfa Romeo of Larchmont.

First, protection from harmful UV rays

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) waves don’t just impact you when you’re outside at the beach or up on a ski slope. They get at your through the glass panes of your car windows, too. Adding tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. That’s especially important if you have kids who are in the car regularly and for extended journeys.

Second, it adds privacy

When you’re sitting in traffic, it can feel like you’re in a goldfish bowl being observed by people around you. Adding tint adds a sense of security and privacy so you don’t need to feel like passersby or other drivers around you are snooping on you.

Third, it increases security

Installing window film can bring valuable new safety features to your vehicle. It is designed to keep glass from shattering, which means in the event of an accident, the driver and passengers are less likely to be hit by glass shards. It also makes your car a harder target for thieves to break into. They may pass you by altogether if they can’t be sure what’s in the car, and thanks to tinting they won’t be able to see.

Fourth, summer heat reduction

Summer seems a long way off but you’ll thank yourself for tinted windows when you rely less on gas-guzzling a/c to help you cool the car down. Depending on what grade of film you use for the tinting, you can see reductions of up to 65% of solar heat building up in your car.

Finally, another bonus from UV protection

Stopping those pesky UV rays not only protects you and your family’s health, but also your car’s interior! UV can cause cracking and color fading in the car’s upholstery, so if you can keep the rays at bay, then you can ensure that your car retains more value over time if you consider reselling or trading in later.

Window tinting isn’t just for big shots in the movies. It’s a real asset to your car and brings tangible health, safety and financial benefits. Talk to your local dealership about the process today.

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