Getting Your Car Ready for the Cooler Weather


Don’t get too complacent looking at the foliage and enjoying the mild fall weather. Winter is just around the corner and that means you need to do some importance maintenance and preparation for your car. The cold season has a marked impact on your vehicle, just as the summer does. We need to do everything we can to protect it from the extremes. Here are some must-do items from Fullerton Ford:

1. Oil change

If you’re using an advanced synthetic oil that adapts to temperature, then you might not have to worry about this one. Cool weather makes regular engine oil thicken, and that in turn makes it harder for the oil to do its job of lubricating the engine. Consider a switch to a low-temperature oil, look for the low “W” numbers. W5 is ideal for any winter, no matter harsh.

2. Check for battery corrosion

Temperature changes do a number on your car battery, too. The mot important thing is to check the various connection points for corrosion. Another thing to check is the water level, which you can do if you see a removable cap on the battery. If there is no cap, then you can’t open it yourself.

3. Headlights and windshield wipers

Winters are dark, winters are snowy; something’s always out to attack your visibility while driving. A dry summer could have kicked up dust and other dirt onto your headlights, so you should make sure they are clean, properly calibrated and working at full capacity. Test your wipers to see if they are leaving streaks on your windshield. If they are, you might need to replace them. First try wiping the blades with a paper towel. If it makes no difference, then purchase replacements.

4. Make the switch to winter tires

If you live in the Northeast, Midwest or Northwest, where the winters can hit the hardest, then you really need to consider winter tires. You may think you’ll be fine on your all-season tires, but the truth is that they are designed for temperate zones with no extreme seasonal weather. For those in the grip of a “real” winter, winter tires are a must for proper traction and safety on the winter roads.

5. A full service – and definitely the belts sand hoses

Belts and hoses are particularly affected by the cold weather, so don’t them seize up or take damage. Frankly, the end of fall is a great time to get the car in for a full service and once over on all the crucial systems (and especially belts and hoses). 

You need to be running at 100% efficiency when you face the winter weather, so book that service now, and make this the time of year you get all these matters sorted out. Talk to your local dealership about getting a full service on your car today.

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