Car Cleaning Tips You are Going to Want to Remember


Sometimes it takes some outside perspective to help you see what’s been in front of your eyes the whole time. It’s no different when it comes to cleaning your car. In this article, we’re going to give you some amazing tips from Easterns, “car hacks” if you like, that will help make your cleaning routine even more effective.

1. (Air) Freshen Up

Whatever odors your car interior picks up – dog, smoke, kids – there’s a simple trick you can use to get it out good and proper. First, take an air freshener, like Dakota Non-Smoke, for example, and lightly spray the headliners, seats, door panels and carpet. It’s important that you don’t go nuts with the aerosol can — lightly spray. Next, turn on your fan or a/c on to max, and hit recirculate for the fan (a/c should do this anyway). Leaving the windows closed, find the fan intake and spray some mist into it. After that, leave it for about an hour. After a little while, the car will smell like new.

2. Slide the seats forward

If you want to clean the car thoroughly, you can’t leave any nook or cranny untouched. Slide the seats forward/back and behold the land that the vacuum forgot. Clear out big items and garbage by hand before getting in with the vacuum cleaner to pick up the dirt and dust. You’ll be amazed where that stuff can get to. You’ll find it in corners you never even knew your car had!

3. Top o’ the window to ya!

You take the Windex, spray the window surface in and out and get the glass looking all nice and new. Job done? Haven’t you forgotten something? What about the tops of the windows. Put the windows down half way and use the same rag to clean the tops as well. If you’re going to do it, do it right! Did you know that you can even use cola to clean streaky and grimy windows. The bubbles will get it right off, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly after washing, because otherwise you’re right back to where you started.

4. Make your own cleaning solution

Reader’s Digest once shared a recipe for your own homemade car cleaning fluid. Why not give it a try? It’ll give you a chance to use that mysterious box of baking soda that no one remembers buying and that just sits in your cupboard baffling you. Add 1/4 cup baking soda to a gallon-sized jug, then add 1/4 cut dishwashing liquid and enough water to fill the jug. Shake up the contents and add one cup into a 2-gallone water pail with warm water. Mix it up and you have your own effective car cleaning fluid.

5. Avoid air drying

You may usually just leave the car to dry outside, but don’t do this in future. Get a chamois or soft terry cloth to dry the car, plus a squeegee to get off excess water. Leaving it to dry in the air can leave unattractive watermarks.

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