Autumn Car Care Tips


The fall is, for many, the most beloved season. The soft, warm colors; the pleasant, cool temperatures; the pumpkin-spice lattes – there seems to be something to please everyone. Your car, on the other hand, having just emerged from the risks of the sweltering summer heat, now has a new set of challenges in front it that you have to help out with. Below is a guide from Winner Subaru to autumn car care.

1. Watch out for wet leaves

Since the falling leaves are the most prominent feature of the fall, we’ll deal with them first. Don’t brake hard on wet leaves, as it can be as dangerous as braking on road ice. If there are piles of leaves in the road, take your speed down and avoid unnecessary risks that could damage your car.

2. Maintain the summer checks, and prepare for winter

Autumn is the intermediate season between a sizzling summer and a frigid winter – both extreme. The fall often brings elements of both seasons, with cool, crisp mornings, but higher temperatures in the middle of the day. This means you can’t afford to abandon your summertime car care – check tire pressure, fluid levels, car overheating etc. – but you also have to keep in mind steps for cold weather impacts – check oil viscosity and transmission fluid viscosity, give more time to warm up, check the heating systems etc. 

3. Keep extra windshield cleaning fluid and check the wiper blades

Summertime in most places sees clean, dry roads which means that unless you live near a desert, you’re less likely to get a gunked-up windshield. Autumn is the exact opposite. Wet leaves, dirt and rainwater create a wonderful casserole of nonsense to get thrown up at you while you’re following a van or truck. Don’t get caught out with no cleaning fluid, keep some spare in the trunk. Furthermore, check the wiper blades are contacting the windshield properly and are removing dirt (and not just smearing it, obscuring your view).

4. Maintenance on your steering and suspension

You know you should probably have these crucial systems checked each year, but you should know that the autumn is the ideal time to do it. The winter will test your steering and suspension’s capabilities more than in summer, so take it your nearest dealership and get both of these things looked over.

5. Switch out the air filters

Why do we mention this piece of maintenance in particular for the fall? Well, the summer is so full of dry weather and blooming flowers that you can see a build up of two related things in your car’s air filters — dust and pollen. Summer, therefore, has the biggest impact on your filters, so autumn is the right time to give them a change.

Finally, you might also pre-empt the winter once more by giving the undercarriage of your car a thorough clean. You’ll have to do it again either during or after winter, but making sure that the undercarriage is clean and “winter-ready” is a good idea as well.

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