Regular Car Maintenance Helps to Save Money



Most car owners tend to ignore the importance of maintaining their vehicle on a regular basis – they take it seriously only when there is a problem! But being pro-active with maintenance can help save a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some tips from Fullerton Maserati:

Tune Ups

Keeping the vehicle properly tuned can save well over $100 a year, as a poorly tuned car uses between 25 and 33 percent more gas in a year. Additionally, the price of a tune-up costs less than it will to repair a major problem caused by an improperly tuned engine. 

 Regular Oil Changes

Many new cars can now go longer between oil changes than the older 3,000 mile recommendation with the use of synthetic motor oil. However, changing the engine oil and filter as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer can save as much as $200 per year in fuel costs. 

Clean Air Filters

Check the vehicle’s air filter once a month and change it as soon as it is clogged or looks too dirty. Place a light on the inside of the filter and look to see if the light shines through the outside of the filter. If not, it is time to replace it. You should also check out your oil filter occasionally. 

Check Tires

Always use the correct tire size for the vehicle. Over-sized or extra-large tires will increase road resistance and use more fuel. Keeping the tires balanced and rotated not only extends the life of the tires, but saves wear on the suspension system and increase gas mileage as well.  In addition to increasing the life of the tires, properly inflated tires will increase gas mileage by 3 to 4 percent.

Check Fluids

Check all fluids regularly, including radiator coolant, power steering, brake, transmission, clutch fluid, and windshield washer solution. Fluid levels are very crucial as allowing fluid levels to get too low will increase friction and wear on moving parts. Moreover, windshield washer solution keeps the windshield clean, saving wear on wiper blades, and helping to avoid an accident due to poor visibility.

Change Brakes

Having the vehicle’s brakes checked regularly can help you save significantly on repair bills. Badly-worn brake pads will almost always lead to major repairs, as the rivets that hold the pads in place can damage drums, rotors, and cause excessive pressure on wheel cylinders. 

Keep these car maintenance tips in mind so you can detect small issues and rectify them before they become major problems!

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