Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle



With the onset of fall, it is imperative that you take a good long look at your car when it comes to maintenance. Before the snow and ice create more problems, it is a good idea to make sure your car is in the best shape possible to avoid accidents or other damage from happening.

Here are some fall maintenance tips from Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram:

Check battery

A battery may be functioning fine in the late summer and early fall, but may fail when the temperatures drop this winter. Make sure your battery doesn’t have to be replaced.

Coolant check

A functioning cooling system and radiator is essential any time of year, as it keeps your vehicle from overheating. Auto repair technicians can check your vehicle for any radiator or coolant leaks as well as flush your coolant fluids out of the system, replacing them with new fluids for optimal heat recovery during the winter.

Tire inspection

There is no time of year when inadequate tire tread becomes more apparent than when you are driving on slippery, icy roads. Tires with low tread are fine when roads are dry, but can quickly create a dangerous situation in the winter. Have your tires inspected in the fall and replace tires, if needed, before road conditions worsen.

Brake inspection and repair

The brakes of your car should be checked routinely, especially well in advance before the winter season. Faulty brakes put you at risk even in the best weather conditions, let alone in the middle of a winter storm. To be safe, make sure your brakes are functioning optimally during fall.

Check engine light

When your car’s “Check Engine” light is on, it means there is a problem with your vehicle. If you have been driving with the Check Engine light on, you should schedule an appointment with an auto repair shop near you to determine the issue. Don’t go into the winter with an undiagnosed issue that could be a major problem.

Test the car heater

Check the car heater before you need it! Turn it on during a nice fall day and see how well it is working. Is the air coming out warm? How long does it take for the cabin to reach a comfortable temperature? A blocked heater core or faulty thermostat can both cause problems. 

Don’t forget to keep these helpful fall maintenance tips in mind as they can help avoid major problems later on.

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