Make the Most out of Your Test Drive


You should never buy a car without going for a test drive as it gives you an opportunity to check out various features, feel comfortable while driving, and then determine if it is suitable for you or not.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself from Reedman Toll Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

What do you want from the car?

Be aware of whether you often go on long road trips, or if you are mainly stuck in traffic on your daily commute, or if you take your car on vacations where it is exposed to adverse weather and road conditions. Within reason, prepare to replicate your daily routine while on your test drive. For instance, if you primarily drive on freeways, get your car on a freeway to see how it handles high speeds and if there is lots of noise.

Choose features and options

When test driving a new car, you need to drive a model that includes your desired options. For instance, if a quality sound system is important to you, make sure that your test model has the best audio option, so that you can make an informed decision.  Before you make your appointment, make a list of all the features you want to try out, so you know exactly what to tell the dealership.

Time for a test drive

Get a friend or family member to join you during the drive. They can also judge how the ride feels from sitting in the back seat, which is great to know if you are planning to have back seat passengers regularly. Simulate a real day of driving by trying out the little things that you do regularly. For instance, try parking in a crowded parking lot so you see what the vehicle will be like while running errands. If you often have to park on the street, find somewhere where you can parallel park. While it will feel unnatural, make it a point to drive over some bumps or speed bumps to feel how the vehicle absorbs shock. It is necessary to see car feels, brakes, and handles. 

While parked, use all of the cabin options to see how well they work, and how intuitive and easy they are to operate. Try the heater and the air conditioning, the radio, the power windows and locks, and the sunroof and navigation system, if equipped. Check out all features available! Even the little details, like whether there are cup holders and adjustable seats can make a difference.

A test drive is a must before purchasing a car with your hard-earned cash!

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