Don’t Drive around with a Damaged Windshield

windshieldDon’t Drive around with a Damaged Windshield

Regardless of how careful you are, the windshield of your car is bound to suffer unsightly cracks and chips, which generally occur when an object hits the glass.  There are several types of damage, so you should know them properly to assess if they can be repaired or a complete replacement is required.

Types of windshield cracks from Columbiana Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Chip or Ding

A common type of break, it is usually caused by rock or debris hitting the windshield as you drive.  A small piece of glass comes away from the screen, but it is easily repairable provided you do it immediately, or it can crack and shatter the entire frame.

Bulls Eye

A rock or debris of large scale causes this damage. It is circular and a bit larger than a chip or ding.

Combination Break

As is evident from the name, this kind of damage creates multiple kinds of breaks, such as dings, chips, and cracks.  The damage is often extensive with missing portions of glass. 

Star Break

These are tiny cracks that lead away from where the object hit the glass, leaving a starburst pattern. Ignoring it can be fatal, as it causes many long cracks that spread across the windscreen. 

Stress Cracks

With time the structural integrity of the windshield weakens, causing stress cracks. Weather plays a major role in this situation. For example if your car is parked in the sun for several hours and you turn on the air condition, this can weaken the windshield. 

Why is it necessary to repair windshields?

Impairs vision

Cracks or chips in the windscreen impact the vision of the driver. In fact, moisture, dirt and even windshield washer fluid can seep into the glass layers and hamper visibility even further, which could lead to accidents.


The structure of the roof is kept in position by the windscreen during accidents. If you have a head-on collision, a cracked windshield severely compromises safety. It could shatter completely and become an added risk.

Cracks and chips enlarge with impact

As time passes, a crack or chip gets even worse. Driving on rough roads and over bumps could lead to quick expansion in the crack, thus increasing danger.

Keep in mind that a repair job costs substantially lesser than a replacement and requires lesser effort as well. Remember, damaged windshields are not just unsafe, but if they break, the replacement will end up being an exorbitant figure!

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