Top Road Trip Hacks


While it is good to be spontaneous during road trips, it is also essential to have a solid plan to fall back on. That is why you should master these road trip hacks so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few hacks from Fullerton Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram:

Always fill up at the cheapest stations

You can look up the cheapest stations along your route via Google Maps or Gas Buddy. If bathroom cleanliness is a big concern, there are numerous apps that can find well-kept restrooms. You can stop at truck stations as well since they have clean bathrooms, offer more services and are open later than average gas stations. For frequent road trippers, a gas card is more pocket-friendly. Conduct some research on which company offers the best deal.

Pack the right food and beverages

Have a reusable glass or stainless-steel water bottle for each person in the car and refill it along the way. Dehydration can lead to headaches and crankiness.  You also need to pack a cooler of non-messy, healthy snacks such as baby carrots, apples, grapes, boiled eggs, and nuts. The protein and fiber in foods like these, Rich says, help stabilize blood-sugar levels and digestion, which can be thrown off during travel.

Prepare in advance for multi-city trips

For multi-city car trips, pack an overnight bag that is separate from your luggage and fill it with daily essentials, such as pajamas and toiletries. This saves you from dragging bulky luggage in and out of the car every time you check in to a hotel.

Alternative to car air freshener

Consider using dryer sheets instead of a standard car air freshener, which can be pretty intense. Tie them to the sun visor instead of dangling them from the rear-view mirror, which can obstruct the driver’s line of sight.

Be ready for emergencies

When you are out on the road, anything can happen, so you need to be prepared for such situations. Pack an emergency kit that has distilled water, a battery charger, a first-aid kit, jumper cables, and flares or reflectors. Learn how to use the jumper cables before getting on the road. There are many video tutorials available online. Wet wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and trash bags should be in these kits to deal with accidents or messes.

Road trips might not go exactly as planned, but if you keep these useful hacks in mind, it could certainly make them more manageable.

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