How to Pack the Perfect Road Trip Kit


Ready to go on the much awaited road trip? It is certainly a fun time to look forward to, but you should also focus a bit on planning the trip systematically. Packing a road trip kit is a crucial aspect to remember.

Here are some tips from Bedford Jeep to pack the ideal road trip kit – take a peek:

Portable Chargers

This is probably the most important thing you can bring on a road trip, because without your phone, you won’t be able to make emergency calls, have your copilot book the AirBnb for the night, listen to music, or navigate your route.

Car Kit for Emergencies and Other Situations

Pack a flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, antifreeze, a tire inflator, an umbrella and a AAA roadside emergency card, if you have one. You should also be comfortable and clean by packing trash bags, tissues and napkins, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, travel-size toiletries and a laundry bag.

First Aid Kit

Be prepared for all kinds of disasters, from bites and scratches to aches and infections, using a compact first-aid kit, which easily fits into a glove compartment or center console. Make sure you keep a supply of all your daily vitamins, dayquil/ nyquil, melatonin, benadryl, allergy medicine and bandages!

Water Gallons

You should bring water gallons with you to refill your water bottle on the road, and in case of emergency breakdowns. Throw one in your trunk for peace of mind – it is refillable and collapsible when empty!

Dash Cam

Regular road trippers know the importance of being prepared in the event of a car accident. This gadget mounts on the dashboard easily and comes with G-Sensor technology that instantly captures footage in the events leading up to, and immediately after a collision. Its wide-angle lens sees the whole road at once, its high-speed video captures fast-moving scenes with perfect clarity, and its LCD screen allows you to easily review footage.


Always keep cash on you during a road trip. You never know when you’re going to run into some tolls or have to pay for street parking. Keep you cash and other valuables (Passport, ID, etc.) in this handy pouch and keep it in your center console.

If you need more help, there are plenty of suggestions about how to pack for your road trip available online. Take time and effort to create a list so you don’t face issues that could hamper the trip in any way!

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