Tips to Declutter Your Car

Tips to Declutter Your Car from Winner Ford of Dover.

No matter how careful you are with car interiors, it ends up with a mountain of clutter that includes paper cups, tissues, children’s toys, food packets, etc. The ultimate goal in car organization is to only carry essentials around, so the space stays as uncluttered as possible.

Here are some tips:


To keep your car clutter free, make sure there is a designated space for collecting trash. You can purchase a specially designed car trash can, use a cereal container with a plastic liner, or keep a disposable bag – whatever suits your needs best. Empty tissue boxes can be used to store small garbage bags, which come in handy for unexpected messes. It is best to empty car trash into one of the bins at the gas station each time you fill up!

Glove Compartment

Since it is small space, don’t keep unnecessary stuff in there or else it ends up as a sort of catch-all for small items. Just store registration documents, vehicle maintenance log, owner’s manual, and so on. Keep tissues, wet wipes, napkins, sunglasses, a small flashlight, phone charger, and non-perishable snacks in the center console so the space in the glove compartment isn’t used up.

Front Seat

Cup holders are so important in a car, yet they always seem to become a sticky mess. To avoid this, consider popping in a couple silicone cupcake liners or ceramic car coasters to keep them clean. You should also avoid cluttering cup holders with loose change – use an empty pill bottle or gum container instead and keep it in the center console.


If you have children, you know how quickly your backseat can turn into a disaster area. To keep toys, coloring books, and snacks from taking over the interior of your car, store them in plastic boxes that fit underneath the seat, or organizers that hang from the back of the seat for quick access. If seat space isn’t a premium, consider placing a box, basket, or other container directly on the seat between children to hold favorite plushies and small blankets for those longer trips.

Don’t forget to check the trunk as well since it holds essentials like emergency kits and first aid boxes. Ensure there is sufficient space for the kits, along with room for tools, extra outfits, diapers and wipes, groceries and a roll of paper towels. Declutter your car at least once a month to keep everything neat and organized.

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