Tips for a Great Road Trip

Tips for a Great Road Trip from Flemington Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

Going on road trips is a lot of fun, but remember – this isn’t a spur-of-the-moment trip where you hop into your car and drive off. Take a look at these helpful pointers that ensures your road trip is a success!

Plan ahead

It sounds obvious but planning ahead is vital to any successful road trip. In addition to mapping out your journey, you have to avoid congested roadways around busy holiday travel days and see what events are taking place at each stop along the way in order to allow some extra time.

Pack a mobile hotspot

You never know when you might need to access the internet and in the event that your smartphone isn’t getting a signal, a mobile hotspot can free you up to get online from your laptop and other devices without having to leave the car.

Double check tires

Get the tires checked by a mechanic before you go on the trip – if you are advised to fill up more air, don’t hesitate to do it, or else you might face car troubles.

Bring a cooler

In addition to keeping your favorite drinks nice and cold, a cooler can preserve all the food you love that would otherwise go bad at room temperature. Be sure to stop and replace the ice at intervals.

Drop by the grocery store

You will surely want to try new restaurants along the way, but traveling with snacks helps to cut costs, maintain energy and ensure you don’t have to pull over more than required. Grab some bottled water also to avoid paying extra at gas stations and convenience stores.

Don’t forget about car fluids

Apart from having plenty of fuel in the tank, please make sure the vehicle is filled up with other critical fluids, including oil, transmission fluid and coolant. If you take your own vehicle, be sure to keep up on regularly scheduled maintenance, including oil changes.

Pack a roadside emergency kit

Breakdowns happen and they can’t be predicted – that is why you need to pack a roadside emergency kit. It should contain items like a blanket, a flashlight, flares, long jumper cables and a tow rope. Packing extra water and snacks won’t hurt either, even if you are lucky enough not to encounter any mechanical issues.

It might sound tedious, but keeping these tips in mind can ensure you have a smooth road trip without any snags! 

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