4 Creative Ways To Improve Your Employees Productivity

cry1Gone are the days where all offices are the same – now, more than ever, companies are branching out and being creative when it comes to their office spaces, their technology, and how they are going about making their employees happy and productive. Here are four creative ways to improve your employees productivity levels every single day:


A Flexible Environment

One of the best ways that you can improve your employees productivity is by giving them a flexible environment: an environment that works best for their individual needs. Everyone is different and everyone works better in their own unique ways. For example, Joe could work better in complete silence, with no distractions, while Fred works better in a team-like environment with quite a bit of communication going on around him. A flexible environment should aim to suit the needs of all of your employees. Create common work spaces, small quiet offices, and remote capabilities. Also, giving your employees certain work “perks” such as standing desks, treadmill desks, and other different options to get their work done while also releasing energy, or creating more satisfaction, the happier they will be and that turns into boosted productivity levels.


Give Them The Right Equipment

The most important aspect of all when it comes to boosting productivity is having the right equipment in the office. Imagine being extremely motivated and ready to get started on a project. You imagined how it would go all night long and you were ready to knock it out. As soon as you go to print all of your ideas so that you can get started, your printer stops working. Nobody on your team is skilled in IT, so how does it get fixed? Most likely, your company will try to figure it out on their own, then they will either call an outside company that is not familiar with your copier and your business needs (they will also take forever to get back to you), and even then, it might still be broken and you might have to wait until a new copier is purchased. Your day went from being really productive to not productive at all.


This is why all businesses should consider working with Ameritechnology – they can help prevent this cycle from happening on repeat, which will in turn, boost your employees productivity levels. Ameritechnology is a New Jersey-based business, providing the newest technology and services such as copier leasing, customized service contracts, printer fleet maintenance, office computer services, subscriptions for ink, toner, and other consumables, and more. They have 60 years of combined experience when it comes to serving their clients and helping their businesses run efficiently.


Ameritechnology says, “We sell technology-driven customized solutions. You can buy a copier or printer from a big-box store or your local office supply store. But are you buying more than you need? Less? Will that new technology integrate with your existing network?  The choice is not always clear. Ameritechnology wants to help.


Our process begins with a clear understanding of your office operations and network infrastructure. We ask questions, make workflow recommendations and create a customized plan that will both simplify and optimize your current and future printing and NJ computer support, or copier lease needs.


We then deliver and maintain networked solutions using the most innovative and economical technologies that improve your business’ operational efficiency and make your life easier with our printer maintenance plan.”


Ameritechnology has access to the newest technology, which can help make your office faster, less stressful, and more productive. Although they do service businesses primarily in New York and New Jersey, they also provide Nationwide office computer services, as well, and serve as an advisor to their clients by understanding their office operations so that they can make workflow recommendations to make their lives easier.


Ameritechnology offers responsive and timely customer service, a customized approach, and direct access to upper management. Founders and partners, Dean and Mark focus on being your trusted business advisors while their expert technicians receive ongoing dealer training on all manufacturers’ equipment and support, so no matter who you call, you are going to be in great hands.


No Micromanaging

I don’t know about you, but I am not as productive when I have people standing over my shoulders, staring at my work. Hub Staff says, “Back in February of 2015, we interviewed Robby Slaughter, a productivity expert. And he surprised us with his advice: He told us that the most effective tool for increasing productivity is having managers back off. “The best way to encourage productivity is to encourage individuals to take ownership over how they manage their own time and resources,” says Slaughter. “This is a wonderfully self-correcting process: we want people who are self-starters and are able to operate independently. Granting workers freedom over when, how, and where they work creates proof of their work ethic in a way that trying to control them cannot.”


It’s counter-intuitive: manage less and get better results. But science backs up this premise. Most people are more strongly motivated by autonomy than financial rewards. So just stay out of the kitchen. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy. Micromanaging can be second nature to managers who have made a habit of it. They excel at day-to-day operations, budget management, and solving problems. But they’re now required to engage in more strategic thinking.


And that’s hard. “At higher levels managers usually need to dial down their operational focus and learn how to be more strategic,” Ron Ashkenas writes in the Harvard Business Review. “To do so, managers have to trust their people to manage day-to-day operations and coach them as needed, rather than trying to do it for them.” Learning how to let go and allow your employees to take control can spare you from an all-too-common vicious cycle of despair:


Managers hover. Employees get nervous and perform poorly. So managers continue to hover. It’s a continuous, unproductive loop. Stop it before it starts by trusting your employees to be independent.”


Celebrate Victories

Last but not least, celebrate victories – no matter how big or small. Employees are the happiest when they know that their work is appreciated. Celebrating their victories not only makes them feel appreciated and valued by their employees and work in general, but it makes them want to keep shooting for their goals, so that they can feel that celebration and appreciation again!


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