New or Used Car – Which is More Feasible?

New or Used Car – Which is More Feasible? from ReedManToll.

Should you buy a new or used automobile – this is a common dilemma faced by those who wish to fulfill their dream of getting a car. Let us help to make up your mind!


Even though cars manufactured these days have very high standards of quality and cars are highly unlikely to cause you too much trouble, even after thousands of kilometers and years of use, there is no doubt that a brand new car is easier on the pocket when it comes to maintenance. For starters, a brand new car will come with full warranty and maintenance package, but in the case of a used car those things would have expired. Also, years of usage does take its toll on the vehicle, no matter how careful the previous owner was. Then there are other issues such as used cars that have experienced severe damage.

Features & Technology

If you are on a budget then buying a used car might not give you access to certain features and technology available only in cars belonging to newer segments. Features such as steering mounted controls, push button start, alloy wheels, parking sensors, climate control, airbags and ABS might not be found on older cars but you could get an upgrade. Buying a new car will certainly give you access to the latest technology.


Most popular cars these days command a waiting period which can easily extend up to 4-5 months. Buying a used car ensures that you can pick the vehicle of your choice right off the shelf. Models like the Renault Kwid and Hyundai Creta command very high waiting periods. That said, the company has ramped up production significantly ensuring that these models are available within a few weeks. However, buying a pre-owned car also limits the buyer’s choice in terms of trim level, paint shade, etc. But if you look at the other end of the spectrum – luxury cars and supercars – then buying a pre-owned vehicle makes a lot more sense, unless you are ready to wait for anywhere between 12-24 months! 


Although financing and taking a bank loan for a pre-owned vehicle has become comparatively easier these days, it still commands a higher rate of interest as compared to a loan for a brand new car. 

So before buying the new or used car, don’t just check finances but also features and technology that you want, and then decide.

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