How to Test a Car before Buying?

testHow to Test a Car before Buying?

Buying a car is a huge decision, so you can’t afford to get it wrong or else it is your hard earned money down the drain. While taking a test drive, make sure you create a checklist that helps to make up your mind.

Here are some tips from Junction Auto Chrysler Dodge Jeep– take a look:

Before you drive off, check if there is any damage such as dents, stone chips, scrapes around the lower bumper bars, or gutter scratches on the wheels. If there are, make sure they’re noted by the salesperson or you could find yourself liable for damage you didn’t do.

Does the test drive model have the same body style, engine, transmission and specifications as the car you intend to buy? Try to test the version you’re considering but if it’s slightly different, make sure you’re aware of what the differences are and how they might affect the driving experience.

Adjust the driver’s seat, steering wheel and mirrors before you start. Are you completely comfortable, with clear vision to the front and rear?

Sit in all the seating positions. Is there enough room for the intended occupants and are the seats comfortable?

Try out all the technology. Is the satellite navigation intuitive and logical to follow? Is it easy to pair your phone via Bluetooth? Is the audio system crisp and clear?

Locate and test the main switches, such as the wipers/washers, head lights and hazard lights.

Comfort and sport modes for the steering, suspension and engine are common –make sure the comfort mode provides relaxed progress and a comfortable ride. Sport modes will usually be less smooth and comfortable but help make the car more fun to drive.

Check the car’s acceleration from a standstill and while cruising; does it have enough power, and does it change up and down gears smoothly?

Complete reverse and parallel parking maneuvers, using this to test both how easy the car is to handle, and how well the rear parking sensors or camera work. Find a quiet street and check the turning circle, too.

Make a conscious effort – with the air-con and audio turned off – to listen for tire, wind and engine noise on a variety of road surfaces and in different driving conditions, such as when cruising, accelerating and climbing a hill.

Will the luggage compartment accommodate other large items you will need to carry, such as golf clubs, skis, surf boards or luggage?

Even if it sounds tedious, checking these signs before purchasing a car is worth the effort as the investment is crucial.

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