Top Car Cleaning Hacks

hacksTop Car Cleaning Hacks from Atlantic V W:

Cleaning your vehicle might be time-consuming, but you can’t neglect it in any way, or else it can mar the appearance of your car and compromise hygiene in the process. Let us take a peek at some amazing car cleaning hacks!

Take a look:

Use hair conditioner instead of wax

Have you ever used wax for your car? It can be very expensive and takes a lot of time apply. A great cheap alternative is using hair conditioner as it contains lanolin, which is a type of wax. It is much cheaper and easier to apply to maintain the car’s luster and protect it as well.

Use a Squeegy and spray bottle combo

For the pet lovers out there this hack is for you! Grab a simple squeegee and spray bottle and your pet hair will be removed faster than you ever thought possible.

Wipe interiors with coffee filter

The idea to use coffee filters for the interior of your car is extremely effective. Coffee filters are lint free and don’t leave any trace when wiping things with them. Perfect for dusting everything down!

Use a screwdriver and cloth

Some places are VERY difficult to reach and get clean in your car. For all of the nooks and crannies use a screwdriver and cloth. This simple trick makes cleaning every crevasse of your car a breeze.

Prevent wiper smears with rubbing alcohol

Use an old rag or cotton ball to apply rubbing alcohol to your window wipers. There is nothing worse than trying to drive at night in the rain when your window wipers are not cleaning your window off properly. 

Get your headlights to shine bright with toothpaste

Sick and tired of your headlights looking old, cloudy, and dull? Bust out your everyday toothpaste and an old rag. The abrasiveness of the toothpaste and a little elbow grease can get your headlights looking new in no time.

Remove those stickers

Most states require you to place your registration in your front window. Over time those stickers become sloppy and become very hard to remove. Grab yourself a plastic putty knife to remove them as clean as possible. After the stickers are removed, a little Windex should do the trick with the remnants.

These cleaning hacks make it easy to maintain the shine and overall look of your vehicle, so keep them in mind the next time you decide to spruce up your car.

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