Tips to Pack for a Road Trip with Family

packTips to Pack for a Road Trip with Family from Reedman Toll Nissan Of Drexel Hill.

While planning a road trip, people often ignore the part where they need to decide what to pack. You may use maps to structure the routes to your destination, but most forget to consider the basics on how to keep a road trip relaxing and enjoyable.

Selection of Music and/or DVDs 

Music helps to prevent boredom, and keep the mood upbeat. If you have children, a good classical CD or music from a popular kid’s TV show can help keep your kids occupied. If you have a DVD player in your vehicle, make sure your children bring movies that they enjoy. Keeping your kids occupied with music can help pass the time and even inspire a family sing-a-long.

Bring Snacks

Be sure to bring snacks, not just junk food, for everyone to munch on. As these may seem like obvious suggestions, but with the chaos of getting everyone out the door and into the car, it is easy to forget the simple things. If you packed some travel sized yogurt for the kids or fruit cups, make sure you bring some plastic spoons. Napkins, paper towels, and cleaning wipes are also a really good idea. 

Bring Stuff to Entertain Your Kids

Keeping books, toys, and games handy can help alleviate boredom and keep your kids occupied. Verbal games such as “I spy with my eye” can help get the family involved and make the time fly by. Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a distraction as long as you can keep them busy with activities.

Bring Emergency Supplies

Depending on where your road trip is taking you, you may want to bring blankets, snow chains, road side flares, first aid kit, sun screen and an emergency roll of toilet paper. Having some basic supplies can come in handy in case there is an emergency; or really bad traffic.

Get your Vehicle Checked Before Any Road Trip

Avoid a break down on your road trip by getting a tune up before you hit the road. This includes making sure your fluids are up to the proper levels and getting an oil change. There is nothing worse than being on the road in unfamiliar territory and having car trouble.

These simple pointers will help to ensure you’re a road trip with family is more enjoyable and relaxing so that when you do arrive at your destination, you can actually start your vacation in a good mood!

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