Spring Automotive Maintenance Tips

springSpring Automotive Maintenance Tips from Buhler Bitter.

Now that spring is finally here, you must be eager to plan road trips and go on long drives. But before hitting the road, it is necessary to ensure that your vehicle is ready for travel with a few spring automotive maintenance tips.

Take a look:

Inspect steering and suspension

Hitting obstructions like potholes that are a result of freeze & thaw cycles during winter, can cause issues when it comes to the car’s steering and suspension. If your steering is pulling to one side, it could indicate that your vehicle is out of alignment or if your car is riding rough, it could point to suspension problems. 

Don’t forget about your air conditioner

With temperatures on the rise, you need to make sure the inside of your car is cool and comfortable. There is nothing more frustrating than to turn on the air conditioner and discovering it isn’t functioning properly. Test the air conditioning system when it gets warmer by turning it on and running the fan on all speeds. 

Repair dings and dents

Snow and ice-covered roads can lead to minor accidents. If you had a fender-bender and didn’t have the resulting dents and dings taken care of, spring is the perfect time to get the body work done. Paintless dent repair can be used for minor dings, so you don’t have to go to the body shop.

Pack an emergency road kit

Remove winter-specific items like tire chains, winter jackets and boots, etc. before getting the emergency kit ready. Spare tires, jumper cables, bottled water (not only for drinking but in case the car overheats), flashlights, and so on. This way you are prepared for situations like a breakdown that might lead to getting stranded.

Spring cleaning

After a long winter, your car could use a good cleaning – inside and out. Salt, sand and dirt coat not only the outside of your vehicle but your floor mats. Start your deep clean with a trip through the car wash followed by spraying off your floor mats. With the floor mats out of the vehicle, vacuum the floor including all the crevices. Don’t forget to vacuum seats and use upholstery cleaner on any stains. 

If anything seems out of the ordinary, or you hear weird noises, go right ahead and seek professional help, so the vehicle is thoroughly examined, and all problems are fixed right away. Don’t neglect car related issues, or you might end up paying exorbitant repair fees.

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