3 Important Facts About Indoor Swimming

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With two children who are super excited for summer to be here, I’ve been thinking about how to get them ready for warmer weather. One of the goals I have is to make sure both of them feel comfortable in the water before the weather changes. Many parents have shared to start them in swim lessons during the winter months so they’ll be ready to go by the time summer hits and I agree!


After searching for a few places to take our kids, it seemed the best fit was an indoor water area that allowed swimming for all ages, for parents to attend or not and that was also affordable. When looking for a swim lesson location there are a few things you’ll want to know about where you’ll be taking them as well as what are the benefits for your children ( besides just learning how to swim ).


Classes For All Levels – You want a place where your child can be challenged. If your child has never been in the water before, this is the perfect place for them to start. Beginner swimmers also know that they should never swim alone even if you are a competitive swimmer. During swim lessons, the swim instructor work closely with you, observe your techniques in and out of the water and show you ways to avoid straining your muscles that could even ruin your chance of competing if you choose that route.  As a beginner, you’re learning also how to enter the water comfortably, blowing bubbles with your nos and water, introduce yourself to jumping in the water, back floats, kicking on the wall with a kickboard and pushing off the wall with a glide and kick. Once you become more advanced with these lessons, you’ll be able to graduate to various other levels until you reach level 12 which is the competitive and end of the lessons.


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Quality Instructors – You want to make sure that your child is being taught by someone who is qualified and comfortable working not just with one child but several children during a lesson. Some facilities are extremely picky on who they hire to teach the students. For example, if you live in the New Jersey area, a company called Into the Swim takes pride in only hiring experienced instructors. They are certified teachers who are not only chosen because they are knowledgeable about swimming but they can relate to each student’s particular leven and their personality. They come from all different backgrounds and experiences such as competitive swimming, USLA, Boy Scouts and the Red Cross. They feel that using all of these techniques allows their instructors an unlimited amount of teaching options within their philosophy in order to bring out the very best in each and every student that they see and teach. They also make sure that the program is overseen by their highly trained directors to ensure proper water safety, quality of the program and help answer any questions or concerns that a parent or child may have.

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Child To Teacher Ratios: You want to make sure that your child is not just another swimming in a class but someone who is actually getting that one on one attention that you are looking for. A facility should not only offer a variety of lessons but also help you with private, semi private or small group swim lessons. Into the Swim offers theses as well as even Baby and Me swimming lessons to help those children with as many as 6 students per teacher. There is always an adult accompany to the baby to be present during these lessons. They even offer adult swimming lessons that can either be one on one or semi private. For private and semi private, these are recommended to some children who are two to three years old and a student with special needs or may have a fear of the water. For small group lessons, these are for 1 on 3 classes that are recommended for experienced children who are up to five years old.


Now that you have some idea of the important facts about indoor swimming what are the benefits to it for your child? The most obvious one is learning to swim and being comfortable in the water but it also boost their self confidence, but burn off excess energy. This can help them get a better good night sleep! It’s a great low impact cardiovascular exercise for their whole body so it helps gain enough exercise to burn off energy and fat as well. It also allows them to develop strong bones and muscles and promotes flexibility and coordination. It also can help reduce stress and relieve tension. There are several more benefits but why take my word for it when you start helping your little one today and get them excited and comfortable about swimming!


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