Teen Driving Tips

ttttttTeen Driving Tips Alfaromeo Usa of Larchmont.

With accidents on the rise, it is natural to be apprehensive when your kid turns into a teenager and is eligible to drive. While you can’t predict mishaps from before, you can certainly take precautions so that road accident risks are minimized.

Here are a few tips:

Wearing seat belts

Insist that your teen always wears a safety belt, even for short trips to the shops. Seat belts work because they distribute forces from a crash across the chest and pelvis, some of the strongest parts of the body. That belt could mean the difference between getting a few bruises and a body flying into the windscreen.

No texting or calling

Insist that your children don’t call or text anyone while driving – their eyes should be firmly on the road ahead. If they need to use the phone, teach them to stop and park where using a mobile phone won’t be a danger to themselves or to other road users. Remind your teen that it is their job to watch the road when driving, and no one else can do it for them.

Don’t go over speed limits

Speeding is the biggest killer of young drivers. Remind your teen that there is no pressure to keep up with other vehicles in traffic or show off driving skills.. Keeping to the speed limit will not only reduce the risk of an accident, but also help drivers avoid costly traffic fines that can affect car insurance premiums.

No driving under influence

Don’t avoid the subject of alcohol and drugs – turning a blind eye will make the issue worse. Even small amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream affect driving ability, and increase the risk of a serious or fatal accident. Make sure your teen understands the fatal consequences of what can happen if they drive under influence. Talk to them frankly and tell them it is a strict no-no.

Watch the weather

In inclement weather, it is even more dangerous for a young driver to be on the road due to their inexperience handling the car in those situations. Teach your child how to confidently handle weather challenges. Consider sending the teen to a driving school to learn car control techniques in a safe environment, preparing them to manage a skid or hydroplaning incident before they are faced with such challenges alone.

As mentioned, it is advisable to teach driving to teens professionally so they are aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to safety.

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