Must-have Items for the Emergency Kit of Your Vehicle

rdMust-have Items for the Emergency Kit of Your Vehicle from Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Car-related emergencies can never be predicted. When you are stuck in a situation, such as getting stranded due to a flat tire, this is the thought to pop into your mind, “I wish I had thought of this before and taken the necessary precautions”. That is why it is better to be prepared in advance so that you aren’t caught unawares should something happen!

A safety kit must always be kept in your car for emergencies, which should contain:

You never know how long you might be forced to wait before you can get help. Store non-perishable food items in your car so that you don’t feel hungry during the wait. Keep distilled water with you at all times to quench your thirst and also pour some into your radiator to cool down the engine.

While you are stuck on the road because of a breakdown on a chilly winter night, you need something to combat the cold. A blanket can serve the purpose and it doesn’t even take up too much space in the trunk. Moreover, if you have to change a tire, you can use the blanket to lie upon it, so that it can provide some comfort during the task.

A first aid kit can be immensely useful to you at all times. Keep bandages, basic medicines and tablets, gauze, ointment, etc. in it. Emergency situations on the road can be dealt with in a much easier way if you have some first aid supplies handy.

Automobiles usually come with a lug wrench and jack to help you change tires, but it is best to purchase an emergency tool kit that contains pliers, socket and open-end wrenches, and a multi-tip screwdriver. They don’t cost much, but are extremely useful in emergency situations.

A waterproof flashlight of premium quality is a must-have along with some extra batteries to keep it going. If you get stuck on the road in the dark, how can you look under the hood, make repairs or change tires without sufficient light? Headlights or interior lights might give out, so you need to keep an alternative in mind like a flashlight. 

Last but not the least, throw in a few work gloves and rags into the kit because repairing a vehicle is messy work. This way you won’t have to wipe your hands on your clothes continuously, thus getting stains on them.

Stock up on these items right away – you might never face an emergency, but it is always safer to be well-prepared so you know exactly what to do.


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