Decluttering Your Life This New Year



Whilst January might, in some ways, seem a little premature to be talking about spring cleaning, it is a great time of year to not only get your house in order, but also your life.  


In that vein, we’re going to have a look at some of the aspects you might want to consider looking at within your life to improve and get the year off to a great start.  See, we all tend to have a lot of “incompletes” in our life.  


Perhaps you were one of the many people that wrote down a list of things to achieve before the New Year, either as a list of goals of things to achieve or a list of incompletes that needed to be taken care of, yet, as the clock struck midnight, you found yourself still with the same list that you’ve since carried over into the New Year.


So, if you’re life is in need of a little spring cleaning, prior to Spring, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to approach this.



The first thing you need to do in this process, is a brain dump, whereby you essentially write down all the different things you have to do that are incomplete – at the first stage, you don’t need to worry about categorising things.  You just want to get everything out on paper. In fact, an app like Wunderlist is brilliant for this — as you can write things down, and then later assign categories.


The type of things you might include are things such as people you need to get in touch with, bills that need to be paid, fences that need to be painted, pants that need to be sewn up – or whatever.  The point is, you write all the little niggling things down that are “incomplete”.


The next step is to categorise these into sections.  For instance, you might have a home and garden category, a health category, a business category and so on.  Now, go through the items in your brain dump and put them into categories, this way, things are starting to feel more organised now.


The final step in the brain dump phase, prior to taking action, of course, is to star any items that are urgent or are particularly stressful.  For instance, let’s say you left your favourite jumper at your ex’s house, it might not seem like it’s a huge deal that’s going to have life altering consequences – but the emotional energy that’s around this will likely be consuming quite a lot of your brain.


The way to think of this is to consider a computer with lots of open windows – the more open windows and applications it has running in the background the less processing power it has to perform on specific tasks.  You therefore want to declutter all these tasks in your mind so that you have more free space – for when something important comes into your inbox, and you need to take immediate action on it.


Of course, remember it’s perfectly acceptable to go through this list and weed out which tasks are no longer a priority, for instance, you might have requested more roundup information with a view to pursuing a claim that is no longer of interest to you – or, conversely you might, through the process of this brain dump remember to submit your complaint.



We all know how significantly our environment can affect our mood, yet often, we live such busy lives that we don’t allow ourselves the time to maintain a harmonious environment that allows us to thrive, rather than merely survive and exist on a day to day basis.


In recent times the power of concepts such as Hygge and Feng Shui have been highlighted in popular culture and today, the science of psychology can back up these principles, meaning they are no longer airy fairy new age concepts – but clear positive paradigms to live by.


The term “a cluttered home makes a cluttered mind” is true, but also, if you are living in a cluttered environment, it’s possible that this is due to having a cluttered mind – meaning the two interrelate with each other.


You therefore want to go through a process of decluttering your home, as it will assist you in decluttering your mind, which will help you to focus on your goals and achieve your dreams.



Now that you have more clarity in terms of your mind and living environment, you are going to be in a position to focus more on what you want to achieve in the coming year.


The most important thing is to get really clear on what it is you do wish to achieve, as many people live their lives as if they are a boat drifting in the ocean, going wherever the tide takes them – rather than than being more like a plan that sets out its course ahead of time and follows a specific route to get there.  The challenge is, for that route to have been created, the destination needs to be firmly in place – as otherwise, a plane without a final destination is never going to get off the ground.


Therefore, you want to get crystal clear on the tangible results you want to produce this year.



It’s very easy to get distracted in life, and if we go back to the sailing metaphor, you can see that there will be storms which will knock you off kilter and there will be some rip currents that take you off in directions to where you were heading – but the one way to ensure you achieve your goals and get to where you want to be is to stay focused on the end goal; that final destination.


In summary, you want to declutter your mind by getting everything on paper and then work through that list to create more processing power – declutter your home in a similar way, and then focus on where you want to be with absolute clarity and an unwavering focus that keeps you on course no matter what obstacles come your way.


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