Be Safe while Driving

Be Safe while Driving – Never Drink and Drive from Zeigler Chrysler Dodge.

Almost every other day we get to read about accidents due to drunk driving in the paper or hear all about it on the TV or online. Accidents caused because of drinking and driving have profound ramifications – it leads to serious injuries, can permanently disable someone, or lead to death.

What happens when you drink?

When you consume excess amounts of alcohol, it affects the brain and slows down the body. The brain loses the ability to send signals to the body due to which you are unable to speak properly without slurring words, the vision is impaired, you tend to feel dizzy, and can’t walk properly without losing your balance. Basically, your senses get clouded leaving you confused. 

Why you should never drive after drinking?

Driving is an activity that requires a lot of skill and concentration, so when you are not in your senses, how can you get behind the wheel and drive? You will not be able to gauge distances between vehicles or see the road clearly. A car coming from the opposite direction can easily collide with you, or you could crash into a tree! In winter, the roads are slippery and wet due to ice and snow, which makes it dangerous to drive under normal conditions, so when you are drunk; it is basically an open invitation to get in trouble. Not only are you a danger to yourself, but you are also putting the lives of other people in your car at risk. In fact, drinking and driving is a crime, and you can get in hot water with the law if you are caught in such a state. A huge problem is underage drinking with 80% of high school students getting access to alcohol even though the legal age to drink in the U.S. is 21.

What can you do to prevent accidents?

Refrain from drinking when you have to drive. It might be tough to resist when your friends are drinking in front of you, but keep in mind that being safe is more important.

Avoid traveling with someone who is drunk.

As teenagers, ask your parents to give you a ride. A little embarrassment is better than causing or being the victim of an accident.

If you want to drink, it is best to rent a car for the night. That might cost you a tad extra, but you can’t take chances with your life to save a few bucks.

Have fun, but be responsible – compromising safety for the sake of a few hours of enjoyment isn’t worth it!

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