This Holiday Season is full of fun surprises with Moose Toys Shopkins Color Change Cuties

shopkinDo you remember Hypocolor shirts? They were shirts that would change color with the different temperatures. Well, that was when I was younger. Now they have color changing cuties Shopkins cars. These cute cars come with a mini Shopkins figure that can go inside the car. You wet the cutie car with the applicator that comes with the car with cold water and changes the color. Want the car back to its original color just apply warm water.

 shopkins2Each car comes with one mini Shopkin, one deco brush and a collectors guide. These cute wheels come in a variety of fun themes, there are actually 12 different Color Change Cutie Cars to collect, but here we have “Watch Wheels”, with it’s time and watch themed prints, and “Puff Rusher” with cupcake details.

shopkins3We had a lot of fun with these deliciously cute cars. We love their fun details like sprinkles and even cupcakes. Also, we love that the cars match with their mini Shopkins, like Puff Rusher’s upside down cupcake on it’s roof. Plus, we love that these cars have removable tops so you can place your mini Shopkins into their cars. But what makes these cars so much fun is their color changing features. It’s really easy to get these cars to change color and the new color will remain until the car senses another change in temperature, which is a lot of fun.

These cute cars are recommended for ages 5 and up. We also recommend these cars for anyone who loves color changing fun and imaginary play. These cars are also ideal for anyone who loves Shopkins.

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