This Holiday Season is full of fun surprises with Moose Toys Pikmi Pops Surprise


Recently when I was in the store I had heard a little girl asking her mom for a Pikmi Pop Surprise. At that time I did not know what they were. I had recently had the chance to find out what all the fuss was about. I agree with the little girl these surprise pops are exciting. 

pikmi1Pikmi Pops!  They are part of the scented plush collectible line from the makers of Shopkins, Moose Toys.These pops are in blind packaging so you do not know what collectible you are getting inside.Even before you open your pops up, you’ll be able to smell the Pikmi Pops animal. There are 12 distinct scents associated with the different characters: banana, bubblegum, blueberry, caramel, chocolate, fruit paradise, grape, marshmallow, mint choc chip, peppermint, raspberry, and watermelon. Which is where I found myself trying to figure out the scent before I even opened the package. I have a cold so I couldn’t smell it.

I have the style series which you can wear by sliding on, clip or hang on. This comes with 1 scented plush, small lollipop vessel, surprise message, lollipop stand and a collectors guide.

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