This Holiday Season is full of fun surprises with Moose Toys and Grossery Gang


Between my son, nieces and nephews I try to find different gifts. I usually try to get them a few different toys and maybe a shirt or even socks. The kids do sure love the toys though. Who wants to open clothes? Well, I do but kids do not see it the same way. This year Moose Toys have a few different toys that I would love to tell you about. They are definitely going to be on may kids lists this year.

gross1My son loves The Grossery Gang. They are Shoppins that went rotten. The Grocery gang S4 Surprise pack. They’re the  ickiest, squishiest collectibles around, get ready for the The Grossery Gang Bug Strike! Just when you thought things couldn’t get muckier, a grotty Bug Army has struck Cheap Town. The Grossery Gang are prepared for battle and ready to take on the bugs with all new characters and all new teams to collect! The all new parachuting Para Crawler bugs, The wall crawling (sticky) SWAT team and the squishy Bug Brigade are all ready to strike The Grossery Gang! It’s an all out war for who rules Cheap Town!


2 x Grosseries

2 x Weapons

1 x Army Crate

1 x Collector’s Guide

The Bug Strike pack:


10 x Grosseries

10 x Weapon Accessories

1 x Cruddy Crossbow

1 x Parachute

1 x Collector’s Guide

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