The Precious Moments Giving Plate

prm1My mom has given Giving plates for the past couple of Holidays. This is a great tradition to start. This year Precious Moments has come out with a new Giving plate. This item is designed to be a gift that keeps giving. It’s called the Giving Plate. This elegant plate is made to fill up with your delicious goodies and brought to a gathering. It’s presented to the host so it can be displayed and used as a serving dish. That host then does the same thing by filling it up and bringing it to a gathering and presenting it to a host. It’s really a great idea.

prm2This is a great idea. This year I am going to start this tradition but, I thought I would write my name on the back so when you give the plate to the next person they can do the same. Eventually you will have a list of family who had received the giving plate.

Along with the heartwarming feelings inspired by the giving plate, the pure joy of charitable giving will inspire your loved ones each and every time they exchange this beautiful gift. From July 15, 2018 through December 31, 2020, Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price of each Giving Plate to Feed the Children. These donations are used to help eradicate childhood hunger and create a healthy foundation for children and families to break the cycle of poverty.

pm8 Great Ideas For Sharing The Giving Plate Tradition

  1. Pile delicious treats on this stylish plate and take it as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving. Then, let the host or hostess know that the plate is being left as your gift. Be sure to encourage them to pass it on and share the gift of love for the holidays and all year long.
  2. If you received  the Precious Moments Giving Plate for Thanksgiving, fill it with delicious appetizers to take to your neighbor’s house for a potluck holiday dinner. Tell them that this plate is meant to be re-gifted to anyone they choose!
  3. If you’re not all that social or your family is very small, take this plate to special community members. First, load it up with delicious treats and deliver it to your local post office, a fire station, or school as a generous way to share your appreciation for the various services you enjoy. Finally, be sure to include a thank you note with an explanation about the giving plate tradition.
  4. Encourage your loved ones to take a picture of the Precious Moments Giving Plate with the recipient. Include #TheGivingPlate and post the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Include a short tribute to the blessings of the season or just a merry Christmas wish.
  5. See how far the Precious Moments Giving Plate can travel. First, send it to a relative or a friend in another state or even another country. Then, encourage them to help you “follow” its path with photos and stories of blessings shared as it travels the world.
  6. Host an annual dinner to celebrate the blessings shared as the Precious Moments Giving Plate traveled from home to home. Provide slips of paper for guests to write down the blessings they’ve received that year. Keep these notes of gratitude in a memory jar and pass it along with the Giving Plate.
  7. Use a paint pen* to sign the bottom of the plate or add a short personal message as you pass it along. Include a card that encourages your loved one to sign the plate and pass it on. (*Paint markers are often not labeled food safe, so be sure to decorate on the bottom of the plate only.)
  8. Consider getting more than one Giving Plate to give as gifts for your next dinner party. Host an annual dinner so that your guests can talk about the different ways they shared their blessings with this simple yet memorable tradition.

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