Squish’Ums Yummy series

squishSquishy toys are a big hit for kids this Holiday Season. They love to Squish them and sniff them.  Squish’Ums are slow rise foam toys from Bulls i Toys. They have other series as well such as skulls and pets along with theYummy series Squish ‘ums.  These are really fun to play with. I am not sure what it is about squishy toys but I love them just as much as my nieces do.

squish1Squish’Ums Yummy series is back with an all new assortment of flavors and colors! Every bag includes one scented snack Squish’Ums and a checklist so that you can collect all 16 brand-new treats!

squish2Part of the fun of these is that they are blind toys. That’s what my kids call them. You have no idea what you are getting until you open the package. Isn’t the packaging cute?! They come in a truck shaped package that resembles a treat truck.  Inside you will find a Squish’Ums toy and a little check list. That way you can see the name of the treat you got along with a list of the rest of the series. That way you also know what you are missing if you are trying to collect them all. Believe me you will want to collect them all. They are so cute. The kids get excited to see what they smell like.


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