Radz Candy Dispensers Stocking Stuffers

radzz2Looking for stocking stuffers? Here are great stocking stuffers that are the cutest thing. They are Radz candy dispensers with candy. They are meant to make enjoying candy more fun and sweeter. Radz came out last year and has releases several different lines of the candy dispensers. There are characters for everyone of all types of interests. 

radzz1The Holiday Collection, Unicorns, Dc, and Jurasaic.  Radz candy is gluten-free, peanut-free, and kosher certified, making it safe for all trick-or-treaters to enjoy! All Radz Twistz character tops are interchangeable so as you collect more Twistz, more options to mix and match become available making it possible to customize and create your own unique characters.radzz

These fun collectible candy dispensers are perfect for anyone who loves sets and small toys, and if you have younger siblings, nieces or nephews this would make the perfect gift.

radzz4Each dispenser comes with two flavored candies. You can switch the tops of the dispensers making new characters. These are the perfect size for stocking stuffers.

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