Flying Sushi Kitchen Game


If you have ever desired to be a sushi chef, now is your chance! In this exciting challenge, the sushi chef must put together full orders by plucking the flying sushi out of the air with Chopsticks and placing them on the sushi platter before the time runs out. The first player to make $25 worth of sushi orders wins! tips and all play cards add to the fun!

The game includes:

  • 1 Flying Sushi Kitchen
  • 8 Flying Sushi Balls
  • 40 Plate Tokens
  • 40 Order Cards
  • 2 Ginger Pieces
  • 2 Wasabi Pieces
  • 4 Sets of Chopsticks
  • 4 Chopstick Trainers
  • 4 Sushi Trays


You can play Flying Sushi Kitchen on regular or rush (green or red). Green is easier and red is more difficult. The idea is that you need to use the chopsticks to grab the sushi balls out of the air as they float in the air above the bamboo. Then you place the sushi balls into the tray to complete your order based on the card you choose. Sometimes the cards will have a challenge like hold your chopsticks in the other hand which makes the entire process more difficult.

sushi2If you’re thinking “how hard can it be to grab a sushi ball with chopsticks?”, it’s a lot harder than you think it is. Even using the chopstick trainers, it’s not an easy task because the air makes the balls wobble back and forth. Plus, you aren’t just randomly grabbing whatever ball you want. The cards tell you exactly what balls & what extras you need to add to your sushi tray to complete your order. It’s not complete until you have everything.

Expect to spend a lot of time giggling and dropping the balls on the ground. Just take your time and have fun! This is an amazing family game for ages 6 and up. It can be played by one to four players.


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