Fingerlings hugs bella


Fingerlings grew. a larger plush style alternative, with all the interactive Fingerlings elements we know and love . WowWee Fingerlings Hugs make a great addition to any kid’s stuffed animal collection, but they do more than sit there and look cute. These soft, plush and cuddly stuffies can hug it out, of course, with Velcro hands wrapping around a child’s waist or neck for to-go hugs. But these advanced Fingerlings are interactive, too. Kids can swing them to hear a fun reaction, tickle them and rock them to sleep. 

hugs1They return kisses with a “muah,” repeat words and phrases, and even toot! Sounds from the mic are clear, and the long-lasting finishes won’t fade with play or cleaning. With over 40 different sounds, there are many interactive elements to help bring this loveable monkey to life. Give them a kiss and watch as they kiss you back, record a message and listen as he repeats back in funny ways. Throw and twist him in the air to hear him cheer!

hugs2Fingerlings Hugs are recommended for children aged 3 and above. They are available in two different colours and characters – Boris (Blue) and Bella (pink)

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