Cut The Wire From Yulu

cutThis is a high-suspense skill-and-action game that combines a little luck and a little deductive reasoning.

Here’s how you play. Install three triple A batteries and switch the game on. Select the game mode–either classic or timed–and you’re ready to go. (By the way, the only difference between the two modes is that in the timed mode players have only 15 seconds to complete their turn.) Choose who goes first, and then on each turn, the player rolls the die, and does what it says. You’ll have four options: 

cut1(1) Cut a wire. Choose any wire to cut using the wire cutter. (2) Clue plus cut. Press the red button on the front of the unit and see a clue, then cut a wire. (3) Clue. You just get a clue and your turn passes.  (4) Clue plus Force Cut. You get a clue and then choose an opponent to cut a wire of your choice. If you cut a Dud Wire, which means it does nothing, you’ll hear a dullish sound. If you cut the Danger Wire, the bomb lights up and makes an explosion sound. If you cut the defuse wire, you’ll hear a trilling sound…and you win that round.

Oh, and when a player gets a clue, that’s only for him or her to see privately. Press the button, and the display on the front lights up for five seconds. It will tell you either what color the defuse wire is not–blue green or red or it will tell you that the danger wire has a square circle or triangle. You can use that information when you have to cut the wire…or you get to make an opponent cut the wire.

Play continues till the bomb is defused or explodes. This is one bomb that we predict is going to be a hit.

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