magTake your building to a new level with the Sky Track Adventure Set, a 64-piece magnetic construction set with a motorized Sky Shuttle vehicle that will race around the track. There are 13 suggested ways to build so that kids can get a different racing experience each time they play. 

mag1And there are four special track pieces to add more action to the play. The Slide Track functions kind of like a slide, sliding the shuttle from one track to the next when you push the button. When the shuttle goes up the Seesaw Track, it will fall down to the next track. The Spin Track spins the shuttle once before the shuttle moves on to the next track. And once the shuttle reaches the Lift Track, it will move up to the top before going down the ramp.

At the end of the track, the Sky Shuttle reaches the Sky Car and can drive in the Sky Car for off-road play. Magformers sets can be combined to make bigger masterpieces. I love watching their imaginations run wild.

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