Why are Tune-Ups Necessary?

tuneWhy are Tune-Ups Necessary? from Wyatt Johnson Kia.

Cars definitely require regular oil changes as we all know, but it also needs tune-ups at periodic intervals. This service includes oil change, replacement of an engine air filter, spark plugs, and a few other things. To put it in a nutshell, it is basically preventative maintenance for your engine so your vehicle gives a stellar performance for a long time.

Signs to watch out for

There are several signs and symptoms that indicate your car might be ready for a tune-up – take a look:

Misfiring Engine

Most plugs last 100,000 miles or more. A misfiring engine occurs when spark plugs ignite at the wrong time – it is generally caused due to worn or fouled ones. Bad spark plugs can also cause low fuel economy, hard starting and sluggish acceleration.

Dirty or Clogged Engine Air Filter

As per latest tests conducted by the EPA, dirty or clogged filters are more likely to impact acceleration than fuel economy. Since filters accumulate dirt over time, might not notice a small but steady loss of performance until your car isn’t accelerating properly. If you haven’t changed the filter in a couple of years, it could be part of the issue.

Illuminated Check Engine Light Signals

This happens when something has gone awry in the emissions control system. The problem shouldn’t be neglected as it could mess with fuel economy and affect engine performance too.

Engine Deposits

These are caused by low quality or contaminated gasoline, which in turn leads to drivability issues. To combat this problem, you might require a fuel system cleaning, either by a repair shop or with a gas-tank additive.

Old Oxygen Sensor

In this case, an old oxygen sensor means around 90,000 miles or more, which might still work well enough that it doesn’t activate the check engine light, but hurts the fuel economy at the same time. Engine performance can also be reduced by more serious internal problems, such as valves that don’t seat properly or worn piston rings, or by restrictions in the exhaust system.

How often does your car need tune-ups?

In older cars, a tune-up was needed every 30,000-45,000 miles. But newer models can drive without a tune-up much longer. A major tune-up is usually recommended if a car starts running poorly and displaying the symptoms mentioned above, or when your spark plugs are due for replacement according to the maintenance schedule.

Get your car serviced regularly – a professional thoroughly inspects the vehicles and conducts a tune-up as and when needed.

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