Rear Service and why it is required?

rearRear Service and why it is required? from Kindle Dodge.

What happens when the rear lights of your car don’t work at night or during bad weather? There are high chances of an accident if other drivers can’t see where you are on the road! These lights are essential safety features, as they illuminate brighter to indicate when you are braking.

Why is the system so crucial?

During the day time, or when the headlights are off, rear lights only illuminate to indicate when a driver is braking. At night, or when the headlights are turned on, the rear lights illuminate constantly to let other drivers know where you are, and illuminate brighter when braking. Your rear lights are controlled through the same switch that controls the headlights. Power is channeled through a relay to the rear lights, illuminating them when the switch is engaged. A brake light switch, which is typically connected to the brake pedal, illuminates the brighter brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed.

Reasons for rear lights to fail

A blown fuse could prevent the rear lights from glowing as it acts as an obstacle to the circuit being completed.

If one of your rear lights is out, the reason is generally a burned out bulb that often happens due to a broken filament.

A relay transfers power from the battery to the lights themselves, but when a relay fails, the connection is unable to be completed.

At times, the rear lights function normally but don’t become brighter when braking, which means the brake light switch might not be working properly.

What is rear service?

Rear service includes thorough checking of the electric components on your vehicle such as fuses and relays, to find out which part has failed. The back of the car is inspected for superficial damage like broken tail light covers, and loose, or frayed wiring. If nothing is found, the electrical circuit is checked intricately. If repairs are needed, they will be completed by the professional inspecting the car, who also checks the functionality of the new components.

How important is this service?

Tail and brake lights are designed to help other drivers see you on the road and if they are not working, you may be at an increased risk for an accident. A police officer may also cite you for not having functioning tail lights in the event you are pulled over.

If you notice your tail lights have gone out, or are not working properly, you should stop driving the car and have it inspected without further delay.

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