Know all about Pothole Alignment

potholeKnow all about Pothole Alignment from Buhler Bitter.

Potholes can pose a serious problem for drivers, especially during springtime when the ground beneath the pavement freezes and thaws all winter long, weakening the asphalt. The more cars that drive over the stretch of weakened asphalt, the further it deteriorates and eventually forms a pothole that causes a lot of damage to your car. 

How much damage can it do?

You can end up with a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere till help arrives.

It can lead to rim damage.

You might have alignment issues.

The steering and suspension, along with the exhaust system can be damaged.

What happens to your alignment?

As mentioned, potholes can cause issues with alignment. To put it in a nutshell, correct wheel alignment is necessary as it adjusts the angles of the wheels so the tires connect with road properly. These aligned wheels travel straight, sans any hassles – they don’t pull to one side or the other, nor do they cause weird vibrations. Misalignment will cause uneven wear on your tires, and reduce the responsiveness and smooth ride of your car.

Stay alert while driving

Regardless of how carefully you drive, there are high chances of hitting a pothole at one time or another. Here are a couple of tips:

Don’t slam on the brakes if you hit a pothole. Hitting the brakes hard during this time tilts the vehicle forward, while putting extra stress on the front suspension.

If you feel a significant jolt, make sure you check the tires. If the pothole caused catastrophic damage to your tire, you will see bulging or damage to your tire or sidewall.

How to know if your car needs alignment?

Drivers who know the signs to look out for can quickly tell when their wheels are misaligned. The most obvious indicators are when your steering wheel is straight but your vehicle pulls to one side, or when your vehicle is driving straight but the steering wheel isn’t centered. If your vehicle is pulling because of a misalignment, you may also feel a vibration in your steering wheel. Wheel misalignment will cause your front tires to wear unevenly as well.

Have you noticed the above mentioned signs in your vehicle recently? If yes, don’t neglect it and get professional help right away as it saves a lot of trouble in future. Even if the damage isn’t clear immediately, repeatedly hitting potholes can damage your car over time.  The best way to combat this damage is performing regular vehicle maintenance.

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