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pilotWith the Holidays here I like to get very creative not only with pictures but also when sending out Christmas cards. This year my son and I decided we are going to make our own Christmas cards. We really should get started as the Holidays are going to be here before we know it. When trying to decide what we were going to do for our cards  we decided to use Enso Creative Tools By Pilot. There are three different sets that we are going to use. The Pop’lol Gel Pen Coloring Set, The Creoroll Gel Pastels coloring Set and My favorite The Plumix Han Lettering Calligraphy Set

pilot1The Pop’Lol Gel Pen set includes:

Draw, create and color in beautiful shades with the Pilot Ensō Pop’Lol gel pens. Easy to grip providing a comfortable coloring experience and available in a wide range of colors, this premium gel ink set is a must-have for the writing and coloring connoisseur.

20 gel ink pens in assorted colors (Aqua Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Burgundy, Red, Baby Pink, Rose Pink, Yellow, Apricot Orange, Orange, Brown, Grey, Grape and Purple).


  • 20 retractable gel ink pens with cushioned grips and spring clip
  • Smooth, vibrant gel ink in 20 vibrant colors
  • Fine point (0.7 mm)

pilot2Creoroll Gel Pastels Coloring set: The Pilot Ensō Creoroll gel pastels deliver vibrant opaque color and have a velvet-like texture. They are ideal for hand-lettering and coloring on textured surfaces like watercolor paper and canvas, and on smooth surfaces like paper and chipboard. Creoroll is easy to blend to create a stunning opaque effects on both black and white surfaces. Just twist the barrel ends and the pastels are ready to use. No sharpeners needed. No labels to peel. The smooth plastic barrels protect the pastels from breaking and make them comfortable to hold. The set of 16 vivid assorted colors comes in a durable plastic carrying case. Let your imagination flow and enjoy a new twist on creativity with Creoroll.16 gel pastels (White, Yellow, Pale Orange, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Green, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, and Black)

pilot3Plumix Hand Lettering Calligraphy Set:The design of the Plumix Calligraphy pen was inspired by the “plume” or feather that was used to create early fountain and calligraphy pens. Combining these elegant lines with a transparent demonstrator barrel in vibrant colors, and paired with matching inks, the Pilot Ensō Plumix Calligraphy Pen Sets are a unique way to add calligraphic flair and striking color to your writing. The finely crafted italic steel nib in 3 sizes enables you to create a range of thin side-strokes and wide down-strokes, letting you emulate italic scripts like Gothic and Uncial. The Plumix’s transparent demonstrator body lets you admire the pen’s inner workings and see how much ink is left.


Originating in Japan, Hydrangea (or ajisai) plants vary in color depending on the make-up of the soil in which they grow. The resulting blossoms range from delicate whites and vivid pinks to, as the Japanese name implies, “a gathering of blues”. This variation in color and intensity is the inspiration behind the striking pink, royal blue and black barrels and array of nib styles that make up the Plumix Hydrangea collection. Matching ink cartridges, five of each color, complete the set so you can mix and match hues and line weights as varied as the blooms that inspired them.

Features: • 3 Plumix Fountain Pens

  • Black Barrel (Fine Nib)
  • Pink Barrel (Medium Nib)
  • Royal Blue Barrel (Broad Nib)
  • 15 Assorted Refill Cartridges
  • 5 Black, 5 Pink, 5 Royal Blue
  • Instruction Guide

These sets have everything we need to make a bold statement on our Christmas cards this year. Pilot has create these beautiful sets to help you be able to inspire and create with these beautiful colors. These sets are great for Holiday Gifts. My son loves art and he is very excited about the assortment of colors and different creations he can make with these sets. These sets are available @pilotpen.

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