Triangulated Mirror that helps you see every angle

kissmyWhen I was younger I wore makeup everyday but, as I got older it has gotten harder to see what I am doing when applying it. So there are days that I do not wear makeup. I have tried using different mirrors to put my “face” on but, I just can’t seem to get the finish and blends that I want. Until recently when I got the Kiss My Lash Mirror by GoodJanes. It is a triangulated mirror that helps you see everything on your face from different angles. I even had seen a dark hair growing on my neck that I hadn’t seen with my other mirrors.

There is also a stand which comes separately. This stand will help you have your handsfree allowing you to use both hands to have a better application.The stand has a sturdy base and a flexible arm which allows you to move the mirror around to different heights and angles.The mirror is held to the stand by a strong magnet. Easy to put on and take off but, will not fall off. If you buy both together you can buy it as a bundle and you get a great discount for buying them together.

I have never warn false eyelashes. So, I will give them to my sister to try and let me know her thoughts. Which I will add later. The lashes are handmade and cruelty free, 100%mink fur that is collected from natural shedding. The lashes are stored in clear , protective trays allowing them to be stored properly and being able to be used up to 25 times.

Goodjanes not only has the mirror and lashes, They offer other beauty products. Head on over to their website and see what they have to offer.

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