Halloween with Megalopolis

megaHalloween is right around the corner. This is one of my favorite Holidays. Megalopolis has everything you need to make this Holiday even more creepy this time of year. They have Horror movie figures to The Incredibles. Megalopolis has a wide range of Halloween themed figures and toys to choose from. This huge Toy Overlord has so many different toys that you can choose from depending on what your specific likes are of Halloween collectibles.mega4

mega1Megalopolis is an online retailer of adult collectible specialty toys. They are focused on delivering an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. mega5Megalopolis is the premier destination for collectors of all properties through an amazing and diversified selection of both domestic and imported toys, a loyalty program that offers collectors free product and tremendous value, and a focus on integrating seamlessly with the collector lifestyle. You can choose from different brands like Funko and WWE.

mega2You can find some of the most popular collectibles from around the world. Megalopolis has developed its own main character called The Toy Overlord. Which  serves as the mascot for the site. mega 3He appears on the company logo and imagery has a clearly defined personality. The Toy Overlord will be available in several proprietary products, he oversees the Mega Rewards Loyalty Program and writes the company newsletter. My son loves the Toy Overlord Minifigure. He was so excited.

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