Creosote Buster logs #HolidayGiftGuide

fire1Having a fireplace is great. I have always loved using my fireplace. It is very pretty. I ended up getting fireplace insert to help heat my house. I sue it everyday when the weather changes. When it comes to using your fireplace you have to remember it needs to be checked and cleaned. Creosote build up can be very dangerous. Do you know what creosote is?

fire2Creosote, the filmy residue deposited in a chimney by burning wood, is the bane of many fireplaces and a big reason a wood burning fireplace needs to be inspected each year, since creosote deposits can increase fire risks. You may have seen Creosote Buster logs from Pine Mountain on the shelves at big-box stores and wondered if they really work.

fire4They do work. Creosote is a thick, oily substance and takes a chimney sweep a great deal of time and effort to clean a flu,If you burn a creosote sweeping log first, it dries up the creosote, allowing the soot particles to easily fall into the firebox, and make the next fire safer and the sweep’s next cleaning easier.

I like using creosote busters during the season to help control the buildup of the creosote. I have my chimney guy come twice a year to inspect and clean my chimney. He will tell me if he needs to come more depending on how dirty my chimney is when he comes.

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