What Jobs Are Best For Moms?

Now, most people know that being a mom is more or less a full-time job, but alas, that doesn’t pay the bills, and as such, most mothers need to return to the workforce at some stage or another. When you’ve been surrounded by small children for a long time, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t have any skills that employers are looking for. This is not the case! You’re actually in a better position than most to find work. Below, we take a look at some jobs that are ideal for mothers.


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Nurturing Qualities


You’ve spent years teaching your children how to find their way in the world, calming them down when they’re hyperactive, and making sure that they feel secure and able to be themselves. So why not make doing exactly those things as your job? The teaching profession is one of the most robust job markets that there is; if you get your qualifications, then you’ll likely have a job for life. Of course, the education age range varies quite a lot; your skills will be most in demand at the kindergarten level, though you can always work up to high school level (if you can handle teenagers, that is).




Most people have a few things running around in their brain at any one time. You, as a parent, have a million, and you handle them well. This is a greatly underrated skill! There are not many people out there who can stay in control of a giant operation, but by juggling home life, money, your social world and all the other things that parents have to contend with, you’ve proven that you can. So perhaps a career in logistical operations is the way forward. You can get the ball rolling by studying courses related to operations management, and seeing where it takes you. There’s always a demand from companies for people with these types of skills!


Into Healthcare


Before you were a mother, you may have felt woozy at the sight of blood and other body fluids, but now you’ve had some years of parenting under your belt, there’s nothing that’ll faze you. And you’ve also proven that you’re capable of giving love and empathy, too. As such, you might want to consider a career in the healthcare industry. Train to be a nurse, and you’ll have no shortage of job offers; actually, healthcare is another one robust industry to work in – the demand for nurses and other health care givers is set to skyrocket in the coming years as the baby boomers grow older.


Working From Home


Of course, who says you have to go out of the home to get a job? If you want to stay nearby to the kids and have a flexible schedule, look at finding a work from home job. There’s no shortage of jobs available in this digital age, though be aware that it can be difficult to build up a full-time income this way.

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