Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall Maintenance Tips from Cuero Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

Fall will soon knock on the door, which means you have to exercise more caution while driving. Apart from careful driving, your car needs proper maintenance in order to be ready for the upcoming season.

Here are some tips:

Brakes and Tires

If the tires have wear bars showing, you need to get them replaced right away. Most good brake and tire shops will inspect the brakes and tires at no charge. Also check the tire pressure, as tire pressure drops when the outside temperatures plummet. Keep the pressure at levels recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


Walk around the outside of the car and check the operation of all lights: headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake lights and emergency flashers. Replace all broken bulbs and those that have stopped working.

Oil and Air Filter

In case the oil is dirty, or you are at your recommended oil change time, get it done immediately. The air filter should be checked to ensure that it is clean enough to allow for proper operation. If you can’t see light through it when you hold it up to a 60-watt bulb, it’s time to replace the air filter.


A fully charged battery is necessary to start the car in cold weather. Have the battery and charging system inspected by a trained technician who can replace it if required. If you see signs of corrosion on the battery terminals or cable ends or if you spot loose connections, your battery needs attention.

Fluid Levels

This includes washer fluid, along with transmission, brake and power steering fluids. Make sure they are all at or above minimum safe levels and refill as necessary.


Driving with an improperly working heater isn’t fun or safe. Driving with fogged-up windows is an accident waiting to happen. Check front and rear window defrosters to ensure proper working condition. If necessary, have heater and defroster systems repaired.

Cooling System

Experts such as AAA recommend checking the coolant level in the overflow tank when the engine is cold. If the level is too low, add a 50/50 solution of water and coolant to allow proper antifreeze capability. It may be necessary to refill the cooling system.

These measures are necessary to guarantee you have a smooth ride during the fall, when road conditions start getting tougher, while mercury dips. Talk to a professional and get going about fall maintenance right away!

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