Tips to Increase Automotive Performance


Buying a car is an investment, and the current economic climate dictates that you get the most out of your car. Increasing your cars performance is an urge that many car enthusiasts will get after owning a car for a long period.

Here are a few tips from Roberts Chrysler Dodge:

Using start-stop technology results in improved long term vehicle performance. Many newer vehicles come with this environmentally friendly, fuel-saving on-off system. For older vehicles, switch your vehicle off when you are waiting for someone, and put it into neutral at red traffic lights to reduce load on the engine.

Consolidate your trips. Frequent, sometimes unnecessary driving not only consumes fuel, but also adds to our congested roads and highways. Save time and improve vehicle performance by tackling several errands in one trip.

Tires need to be inflated properly. Always read your vehicle owner’s manual to understand what the correct pressure should be, when to reduce or increase it, and other factors. The tire pressure needs to be checked at least twice a month.

Avoid hard braking/acceleration. This aggressive way of driving wastes fuel, is bad for the planet and wears out your brake-pads faster. Replace your brake-pads to improve vehicle performance.

Service your vehicle regularly. A well-maintained vehicle that is regularly checked for the correct oil and cooling-system levels, and disposables like tires and lights, will give you better, longer service and ensure a decent resale price.

Probably the easiest of performance upgrades is installing a cold intake. Every engine will work better whilst sucking in colder air rather than warm or reused air. A performance enhanced cold air intake will be twice or three times larger than OEM parts. This gives the part more chance of pulling in more cold air. Blanketing off the EGR valve is another way to increase cold air intake – it reuses hot air from the exhaust and pumps it back into the engine.

Use your gears properly. To avoid damaging expensive parts, drivers of manual cars should drive in the right gear and change gears smoothly.

Stick to highways. Stop-start driving on smaller, more congested streets consumes more fuel. Get onto a highway where you can maintain a more regular, consistent speed.

Keep these pointers in mind and make sure you follow them – it will enhance the shelf life of your vehicle, so you get to enjoy its stellar performance for a longer period of time.

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