Sentry Safe Keeps Your Valuables Safe

safeMy niece is going to college and she is staying in the dorms. Recently I had come across the new Sentry Safe which I had got for my house. We have had a lot of burglaries in the past year and it is frightening. I have an alarm on my house but, what happens when it is someone you know and they are in your house? This safe helps keep my valuables safe. There are bolts that you can bolt to the floor.

safe1Let me start by telling you can not only fit your laptop in it you can keep it plugged in and still keep it safe. Their is a custom carpeting inside to help keep your items safe. The X075 is a great way to secure your valuables and also is California DOJ certified for firearm storage. This safe can be opened by a code on its digital pad or by key that comes with the safe. This safe has some weight to it. It is constructed very well.

safe2I have another safe different brand and I wanted to see if I could get them open with a paperclip. I could not open the Sentry safe, I did however get into the other one in less then 5 minutes. So, I ended up throwing the other one away and now I will only trust Sentry Safe to protect my valuables.


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