Is Your Car Family-Friendly?


While buying a car, it is necessary to ensure your family travels safely and comfortably when riding in it. Family vehicle body styles include minivans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), wagons or mid- to large-sized sedans, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Points to remember before buying from Holden Dodge:

Size and activity level of your family plays a crucial role in deciding which car is best suited for you. Do you need a large car to fit everyone and everything inside, or can you get by with a more economical sedan? Is more storage space needed to store equipment? Do you go for road trip often? You should also consider your family’s growth potential – your children might be small, but they will need more space as they grow older. As they become more involved in school and in their respective activities, more storage space is required for books, athletic equipment, musical instruments, etc.


If your family needs involve towing, the heavy frames and tough engineering of SUVs make hauling trailers, recreational vehicles or even other cars a breeze. Family-friendly features include rear-seat DVD players, enough cup holders for your entire family, rear air conditioning and rear headphone jacks.

Even though the market for minivans has somewhat waned, they are poised to make a comeback as vehicle designers attempt to combine the cool factor of SUVs with the safety and convenience features of minivans. They are extremely safe, as they have a lower center of gravity than SUVs, minivans are less likely to roll over in a crash. If a minivan is involved in a crash, built-in crumple zones help to absorb the impact and protect passengers. These vehicles are roomy and can accommodate from 6 to 8 people. Minivans are often equipped with automatic sliding doors, sometimes on both sides that lessen the stress of putting items into your car while holding on to a child.

Family Sedans and Wagons

Sedans are popular affordability, nimble handling, and large trunk space. They are smaller than SUVs and minivans, so family members can be within reach of the driver, which comes in handy with children in the backseat. Station wagons are basically sedan-style vehicles with a cargo area over the normal trunk space, extended to the rear window. Newly designed ones offer the visual appeal and gas mileage of a sedan with the storage space of an SUV.

Weigh the pros and cons of the car before you zero in on a purchase for your family!

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