Bluetooth Masterlock

masterRecently we had put a pool up in our backyard. We have the gated ladder for the pool and needed to get a lock for it. We wanted to get a nice strong lock that is reliable, easy to use but be very hard for someone to open that you do not want to have access to the pool. We came across the new bluetooth Master lock. You simply download and app. Since the lock to the app and you use your phone, or iPad to open and close the lock. I love this lock. When you are trying to get into the pool and it is darker out it is hard to see combos or having to carry a key gets old quick. Then you have to remember where you put it and have to have it with you always.

master1With the new lock I always have my phone or iPad next to me so this lock is great.


  • Use your smartphone to open your lock with the free Master Lock Vault eLocks app
  • Never worry about a forgotten combination!
  • Share access with others – temporary or permanent
  • Share 24/7 access or limit to days or nights
  • Monitor access history & receive tamper alerts
  • Backup access using directional code on lock keypad
  • Low battery notification & reminder on padlock and in app
  • Comes with easy to replace CR2450 battery
  • Battery jump allows for temporary access if battery dies while locked
  • Locker Mode setting allows for storage inside a locker
  • Compact footprint fits most lockers
  • Hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance

The lock operates using a CR2450 battery.  In touch mode this should last about 2 years, but in swipe mode it will only last 4 months, which makes sense because in swipe mode the lock electronics have to be powered all the time. It’s your choice, but I’ve been using touch mode and it suits my needs. Speaking of the battery, it can easily be replaced when the lock is open.  A small compartment slides out to expose the battery. When the lock is closed, the compartment will only open part way.  Again this is for security and allows you to hold a fresh battery on the jump contacts to operate the lock if the main battery has gone dead.  Before the battery dies, the lock display will illuminate yellow to let you know it’s time to change it.You can access the backup master code (which cannot be changed) and further down the page you can send a temporary code via mail or SMS to someone allowing them to open the lock.  In addition, there is provision to add guests to the account giving them the same or restricted abilities of the lock holder.

With most people carrying their smart phones all the time, it makes sense to have an app that opens and closes padlocks.  Using the smart phone is a secure way to insure only those you want have access to your stuff and in the event that you lose your phone, there is provision to reset the lock digital keys.  I personally have applications at my summer cabin that would benefit from this type of device and I’ll be purchasing the outdoor version soon.  If you go to the gym, are in school or need to secure you personal effects in a locker, this would be the device to consider from Master Lock.

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