Back to school with Bulls I Toy

jsIt is back to school time already. This summer has flown by. With back to school in full swing we start to think about all of those school supplies and collectibles that will make going back to school fun with great accessories. Especially the ones from Bulls i Toy.

JoJo Siwa Mini Bows Series 3

js6These bows are back with a new series! This is series 3 and there are so many new colorful bows. My niece and friends kids loves them. Not only do they  wear them in her hair, she also likes to clip them to other things like her backpack.  They also like to collect them and trade. They come in surprise packaging so you it’s always a surprise to which one you get. They are now available at Target stores. MSRP: $4.99.

js2L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Tags

These are also fun to collect. My niece loves these LOL dolls and really likes these fashion tags. They are fun to wear and collect. The kids often trade them. These also have a surprise packaging so you don’t know what you are going to get with these either. Along with the fashion tag, there is also another surprise in them as well. In the whole collection, there are 20 base tags, 4 glitter tags, and 12 puffy stickers. They are now available at Target stores. MSRP: $3.99.

js1Squish’Ums Skulls Series 1

My kids love squishy toys! Hey, even I enjoy squishing the toys.The sugar skulls Squish’Ums are out now.  Bulls i Toy has other Squish’Ums too but I was really happy about these. I have an obsession with sugar skulls. I find them to be stress relieving. My friends daughter suffers with anxiety and these are great stress relievers  without kids asking why she has them. They want them themselves. They help her at various times throughout the day with her anxiety. She loves these brightly colored skulls! These are now available at Target stores. These also have surprise packaging too. There are 16 different ones total in the collection! MSRP: $4.99.

js4Jurassic World Trading Cards and L.O.L Surprise! Trading Cards

These trading cards are fun to collect and trade with friends! The LOL Surprise Trading Cards includes base cards, foil cards, pop-up cards glitter cards and gold embossed cards. All the kids love collecting cards and trading.  They are now available at Target stores. MSRP: $2.99. My boys love the Jurassic World Trading Cards. They are also fun to collect and trade with friends. The collection of cards includes movie scene cards with scene descriptions on the back, glow in the dark cards, heat and reveal cards, 3D action cards and authentic costume cards. These are also now available at Target stores. MSRP: $1.99.

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