Why do Car Accidents Happen?


Road accidents are one of the leading causes of sudden death on a global basis. They can occur at any moment and in all kinds of situations, but there are some causes of vehicular accidents that stand out most often. With each of these instances there are steps that can be taken to prevent an accident from occurring.

Here are some common reasons for accidents from King GM:

Driver fatigue

Exhausted drivers are unsafe drivers. Accidents resulting from driver fatigue are most common between 11PM and 8AM. It is best to just avoid driving at these late hours. However, if you must drive it is imperative that you stay alert. Take frequent stops for rest or food and if you feel yourself getting sleepy, pull over and rest.

Inebriated drivers

Drivers under the influence are dangerous as their recklessness causes tragic fatalities. If you see a driver whom you suspect is drunk or under the influence call your local police immediately and avoid the vehicle.

Inclement weather

Bad weather limits vision, which accounts for 90% of a driver’s ability to react. When vision is limited, reaction time is impacted as well. This means whenever the weather is bad you must slow down and increase your following distances. If it gets too dangerous, pull over. A fifteen minute break is less inconvenient than a car accident.


High speeds mean drivers are less able to react, and that when accidents do occur they are more severe. Even when the road is sparsely populated it is important to maintain a reasonable speed. This ensures that if something suddenly happens on the road you will be able to act accordingly and avoid a tragic accident.

Distracted drivers

This is the leading cause of car accidents. Drivers who are distracted have the inability to react to changes in the road. Rubbernecking, or taking your eyes off the road to inspect an existing accident, is one of the most common sources of distracted driver accidents. Other common distractions that lead to accidents include: glancing out the windows to look at scenery, interacting with passengers or children in the car, playing with the radio/music, and texting or taking on phone. It is important to pay attention while driving, and keep your eyes on the road as much as possible.

Drive carefully and don’t waver from road rules as it goes a long way in preventing accidents – it is best to exercise caution at all times.

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